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My name is Katrin Köhler and I'm an interactive media designer. As photography is the art that I'm attending, this is my online portfolio of this field.

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Water is a many-sided element to experiment with. It is represented in different forms as liquid, ice or steam. But it is possible to picture the movement of it as well. The combinations in its form and behaviour always create new interesting results.


Suitable places to catch a photograph of animals are vivariums or zoos. But not all photographies in this section show enclosed animals. Some images are captured in the wild.


This section is the most experimental one. The ideas begin either with the vision of the end product or the intention to create an interesting photograph with trivial every day objects.


This section opens a broad field. The photographs here concentrate on the forms of architecture in combination with different kinds of lighting and colors.


There are places among the cities that are abandoned and nature is repossessing these territories. These are great locations for bizarre shots.


While nature is ever-changing it is always revealing new possible compositions. The essence in this section of photography is the need of adaption to new circumstances, for instance a change in weather conditions.

Katrin Köhler

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